Cosmic Haircolor and Rad Short Haircuts

BRB bebe I’m just going to slip away into this prismatic cosmos, color and cut by Kristin Jackson.  Kristin achieved this look with a double process using 3 custom mixed color by Pravana and LimeCrime Unicorn Hair. Check out the process and results…

Cosmic hair in process<3

Prismatic Haircolor

Prismatic haircolor

Stellar Cut and Color By Kristin Jackson!

Next up a versatile short cut by our Junior Stylist Fiona. Perfectly capturing the 80’s goth and dark wave icon Siouxsie Sioux…

Worn forward with long shaggy bangs. Dark and mysterious just the way we like it<3

Short Haircut

Or pushed back and your rocking David Bowie

Last but not least another rad androgynous barber cut by Donna Rae. Her clipper cut is on point with this, check out that faaaaaaaadde…

Rad pompadour

Rad pompadour By Donna Rae.

Barber cut

Perfectly tight and blended.

Be it a drastic cut or color we got your backs. To book and appointment or consult with Fiona, Donna and Kristin give us a call or text  646-399-6873.

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It’s Getting Festive…

Feeling a bit bah humbug like old Ebenezer or the bitter Grinch? Fear not let us warm your hearts with a little Tomahawk magic…

double process silver hair. short hair. curly hair.

Silver bells with this cut and color by Donna Rae. She used the new Redken pastel shades silver green for this titanium effect. Ring-A-Ling!

double process green hair.

Deck the halls with this custom color by Kristin Jackson. Kristin mixed Pravana Emerald with LimeCrime Jello for this green with envy perfection;)

Full head balayage highlights creative color red.

Oh by golly have a holly brighter than bright red balayage by Kristin Jackson<3

Classic bob haircut

And while we are playing the candles are burning low one for each night they shed a sweet light… The most classic of cuts the bob done by our Junior Stylist Fiona.

On this winter solstice we wish you and your families health, happiness, peace and many blessings. May the goddess smile upon you and yours. With love the ladies of Tomahawk.

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Loaded Question Do We Love Pink? Welcome Fiona Our New Junior Stylist!

Heck yes we love pink. From muted to vivids this color never dies. Check out some new colors we got in from Pravana’s metallic line rosegold and Redken’s Shades pastel pink! Tons of new shades to make colors of your dreams, always reinventing and reimagining;)

double process pastel pink hair

Kristin Jackson took our clients double process blonde to this soft, muted pink. She toned with Redken’s new pastel line.

double process hot pink hair

Bold vivid pink full double process custom mixed by Kristin Jackson

short hair double process pastel pink. barber cut.

Donna Rae used Pravana’s new metallic lines Rosegold. Photo by client

full head balayage highlights dusty pink

Dusty pink balayage custom mixed by Kristin Jackson.

Tomahawk is proud to welcome our newest edition Ms. Fiona. She’ll be taking on the role of Junior Stylist for cuts only (color in time). Her prices will be Extreme Short $35-45, Below the ears/Mid $55, Long to Extreme Long $60-65. She’ll be available on the floor Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays. Check out some of her work below. And follow her on Instagram @fionabeardmanhair!

shag haircut

Shag cut by Fiona our new Junior Stylist

short curly pixie haircut

Fiona took this client from mid to this darling pixie. I love how it brings out her curls!

Fiona did a trim and gave our client some super fun bangs. Color done by Donna Rae. Our client is a double process blonde she achieved this pink by using a red shampoo;)

Once again thanks for peeping our page;)

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80’s Time Warp With Mullets and Shags Oh My!

We’ve definitely been seeing some 80’s and 90’s nostalgia and we are living for it. I grew up crushing on Keifer Sutherland and all the yumminess of The Lost Boys. I tore up my living room dancing to Pat Benatar and Joan Jett. My life was all about Teen Beat, John Hughes movies, spandex and spraying down my mall bangs with aquanet. Gimme the music of goth rock and hair bands, I’ll take the 80’s any day. So yeah I love me a good mullet or shag. Keep’em coming and the dream alive!

Swoon my beating teen heart nothing like a man rocking business in the front, party in the back. BRB just getting in my DeLorean to transport me back to ’89…

mens cut shag mullet barber

Snip, snip, buzz, buzz by the one and only Donna Rae!

mens cut mullet barber

**Feathered ends create volume**

Near perfection with Betty Bangs, shaved sides and long textured mullet. This is up my alley a bit 80’s punk and no wave.

haircut mullet with shaved side and betty bang

Donna Rae was inspired by Yolandi Visser with this rad cut<3

Texture was added by Donna for lots of lift and curl definition.

Shags are one of my all time favorite. Loads of texture by layering hair to various lengths  this androgynous cut was made famous by rockers Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Joan Jett and the iconic Jane Fonda.

textured shag haircut

Shag cut by Donna Rae. Get at Donna every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for all you 80’s rockin’ needs;)

What is awesome about shags is that you can always take a cut like a bob and shag it up by adding more texture to give it a bit of oomph and edge…

asymmetrical hair cut bob

This bob was taken to the next level shagging it up with our stylist Kristin Jackson!

Our Holy Grail of products Fatboy Perfect Putty. Matte finish for that second day definition can be used for messy or polished looks;)

fatboy hair product

**Get in the storefront $20**

Come party with us like it’s the 80’s. Open daily except Tuesdays. To book an appointment you can give us a call or text at 646-399-6873!

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Total Eclipse Of The…

It’s time to charge those crystals and set your intentions for the solar eclipse Monday August 21st. You may be feeling extra sensitive and overwhelmed the American Eclipse is a powerful event. Ground and surround yourself with positivity. Don’t be discouraged. We can shine on and shed our skins. Let there be light!

Feel Inspired

mens cut androgynous

Max found inspiration in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Highly inspired cut by Kristin Jackson. Get at her Wednesday-Saturday

Best of luck Max in all of your endeavors

Embrace The Sun

copper highlights

Don’t be afraid to embrace the warmth. This client decided to move away from her double process and go with this natural strawberry blonde. Cut and color by Donna Rae

Find The Magic

teal, pink and purple balayage highlights

Our client is heading to the desert of Nevada for Burning Man. Her goal to be a fairy…

multi color pastel balayage highlights

Dreams come true. Multi color pastel with pops of vivid color by Kristin Jackson

May the new moon guide you in all that awaits. All our love the ladies of TomahawkXO

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Summer Lovin’

Summer is here and we are LIT! Check out some of our summer lovin’ colors from hidden mermaid panels to a pink “The Rachel” haircut and smokin’ hot blondes!

First up hidden mermaid panel on our icy blonde client.

purple, teal and silver hair panel

Kristin hand painted smokey silver, purple and turquoise to the underneath of our clients double process.

double process blonde with creative hair color

BAM! Hidden mermaid hair. Totally work appropriate, low upkeep and fun as hell!

Next up and an icy blonde to keep you cool for the summer months. This client had old color that Donna Rae had to battle with. It took several times through a course of 5 months to get this light. Each time was a full double process 3 hours and change spent in the chair. Hair was cut to a shorter length for more even color. Check it out…

double process blonde white hair

Icy white blonde cut and color by Donna Rae. This took several double processes to achieve this level of lightness.

Icy hot! Our client got what she wanted with a bit of patience;)

When your client walks in and requests the iconic 90’s Jennifer Aniston “The Rachel” haircut and oh yeah let’s make it pink! Another Kristin Jackson transformation peep it…

double process pink hair

Words can not with this pink “The Rachel” do. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

double process pink hair

Keep shining on!

Thanks for checking us out keep tuned by following us on Facebook and tag us at #tomahawksalon! For color appointments we highly recommend a consult it’s free and it helps us all get on the same page to make your hair dreams come true.

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Unicorn Tribe and Lime Crime

It’s been a unicorn hair extravaganza here at Tomahawk. We are so excited that the lovely Doe Deere sent us her labor of love Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair. It’s a semi permanent fantasy color with divine names like Sext, Dirty Mermaid and Pony. We love Lime Crime’s ethos of being vegan and cruelty free. Always rebelling, never boring. A brand after my own heart!

Lime Crime hair products

New shades Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

creative color panel

Kristin applying chocolate cherry, strawberry jam and pony

balayage highlights on short hair pink and purple

Balayage/hand painted fun with Lime Crime

Flippin’ it!

neon peach panel using Lime Crime

Donna Rae did this fun peek-a-boo panel using Lime Crime neon peach

Here are a few more vivid colors using our staples Pravana, ColorDesign and Kenra.

full head balayage highlights indigo blue

Kristin did an full balayage weaving in this vivid blue with hints of purple.

double process pink hair

Color me flamingo! Donna Rae did a double process melting a brighter root into this cotton candy pink.

Last but not least Tomahawk is committed to fighting the good fight. Our donation day will be Friday May 19th, all day proceeds from our sales will go to Planned Parenthood!

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Wild Child

We’re feeling Spring inspired with our cuts and color. Check out some of our work from 80’s mullets to Bowie inspired hair. Tomahawk is keeping it WILD!

double process blonde shag

This client walked with super long one length hair. Kristin started with a double process blonde and sculpting this rad 70’s shag. Her new do definitely brings out the feral child. Get to running wild!

copper balayage highlights

Spring has sprung with this beautiful rosegold balayage by Donna Rae.

copper balayge highlights

Coming up daisies!

double process blonde precision cut

Kristin did a double process root and this sharp Bowie inspired cut.

mens hair cut mullet

Rad 80’s mullet by Donna Rae. More of these please!

full head of blayage highlights blue and purple color melt

Kristin Jackson did a color melt balayage using Pravana colors. Thank you for sending us your selfies you guys take the best pics!

Thanks for peeping us. As always you can book an appointment or consult via phone or text at 646-399-6873. Tomahawk is located at 17 Thames St in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We are open 6 days a week and closed on Tuesdays.

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Rose Gold Hair, Blonde Pixie and New Viral Color Depositing Shampoo…

Full head rose gold balayage highlights

Kristin Jackson did a full head balayage with a soft rose gold toner.

blorange balayge highlights

Bright rose gold balayage with Natalia Michele

Multidimensional rose gold or blorange by Natalia Michele

double process blonde pixie

Donna Rae did this striking pixie cut and all over double process.

Finally an answer to the dilemma what to do when your color fades. Viral Bold Tones one step at home color depositing shampoo! No mess, no fuss, no gloves, no waiting just hop in your shower and wash your hair for instant bold power tones. Keeps extreme, pastels and platinums popping by adding, correcting and maintaining color brilliance. Check out our testing on Natalia who has been lightened to a golden blonde.

Viral Pastel Pink squeezed onto Kristin’s hand

Apply to wet hair saturate from root to end you can apply as many times as needed for bold results.

This color was achieved on golden hair using Viral pastel pink. This would be great to maintain a true pastel pink or rose gold hair.

celeb luxury color depositing shampoo

Heck yes are you excited 10 bold colors including extreme silver, pastel lavender and more. We  also have Gem Lites Flawless Diamond Anti-Yellow Whitener Shampoo.

Viral and Gem Lites are an effective treatment at home to maintain color from fading. We highly recommend saturating from root and diluting color at tips. On porous hair you don’t want the ends to grab so use the Blonditioner or conditioner towards the ends for more even results. If the color grabs too dark just wash with your shampoo, we recommend once to twice a week use alternating with your regular shampoo. Check out their site Celeb Luxury for more info and care.

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#grayhairdontcare vs #byebyegrays

This post is all about the gray/silver hair how to get it, blend it, embrace it or conceal it.

Let’s start with this badass client who flew in from San Francisco for the Women’s March on Washington. Donna Rae first cut her hair into a bitchin’ shag and then went in with bleach around the sides and bangs to lighten hair to an almost white. Donna then toned the hair with a steely silver by Redken ShadesEQ. This client wanted to embrace and blend the grays she has. This will be low maintenance for her since the root of the panels are concealed by super dope texturized layers.

Donna Rae gave this client a rockin' shag and placed several steely silver panels around the sides and bang.

Donna Rae gave this client a rockin’ shag and placed several steely silver panels around the sides and bang.

Now let’s get into the more complicated grays. Getting this look is not the easiest especially if you have dark hair. Our client below came in with already pre-lightened hair it just wasn’t light enough to hold the gray tones. That’s the trickiest part of gray/silver hair you have to get the hair really light, past orange and yellow to an almost white, if not the hair will look more green. You really have to use color theory and lots of patience to get this color. It may take several visits to the salon for desired results. Natalia Michele did a full balayage leaving a more natural root. She used permanent color after bleaching to achieve this charcoal effect. What’s great about balayage is the built in natural root. Touchups are up recommended every 2-4 months. Some clients choose to come in every 6 months or later for a more ombre effect. Toners will wear out in about 4 weeks you can maintain it at home with demi permanent color like Manic Panic, Special Effects or Pravana you can also just book for a glaze/gloss in between your lightening services.

Natalia Michele kept a natural root and blended several shade gray to achieve this multidimensional look.

Natalia Michele kept a natural root and blended several shade gray to achieve this multidimensional look.

Peep this silvery white hair on our next client. Cut and color was done by Natalia Michele doing a full virgin double process. Maintaining a color like below is a commitment of coming in every 6-8 weeks to get the roots done and toner refreshed. To keep her white/silver we recommend using a purple/violet shampoo like Clairol Shimmer Lights and Matrix So Silver. Weekly or monthly masks such as Hask placenta or Redken Extreme Anti-snap help deliver protein to weak or damaged. We offer Olaplex to our color service to help keep and maintain the integrity of the hair.

Natalia Michele did an all over double process to achieve this silver white hair. Virgin snow indded

Natalia Michele did an all over double process to achieve this silver white hair. Virgin snow indeed!

Now let us say bye bye gray hair. Our gorgeous client just become a mother she needed something low maintenance to cover the grays. Kristin Jackson went with a full balayage to help blend the grays. This is great option instead of permanent color. As we gray we need to go lighter with our color. Doing permanent color either to conceal or darken hair is more maintenance about every 4 weeks compared to the balayage at every 4 months. Here’s why, contrast. Gray hairs will pop against dark hair where if we lightened the strands there is less contrast. For real going gray is a struggle, a balancing act, to resist or to embrace. Hopefully we can make it a lil easier and guide you with what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Check out our glam client below.

Here is Kristin doing her magic. A full balayage in process. This is hand painted technique. The ends are more loaded with lightener as Kristin blends upward almost to the root.

Here is Kristin doing her magic. A full balayage in process. This is a hand painted technique. The ends are more loaded with lightener as Kristin blends upward almost to the root.

Kristin Jackson Did this full balayage to help lighten the strands and blend gray hair. Say bye-bye grays!

Results Kristin Jackson Did this full balayage to help lighten the strands and blend gray hair. Say bye bye grays and hello sun-kissed!

As always we highly recommend booking a consult for color appointments. It’s free and generally takes 15mins. Consults help us evaluate, price and get on the same page as our clients. Remember Life’s a bleach and then you dye! Let’s make your hair dreams come true call or text 646-399-6873 for consults and appointments.

Hey Folks Friday February 17th we will be our Donation Day with proceeds of our sales going to the American Civil Liberties Union works to defend and preserve our individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution. As a person of color, a woman and born to immigrant parents the wave of anti-immagration in the U.S and Europe has me so saddened and sickened. With that said the battle cries of resist, stronger together and yes Love Trumps Hate make me hopeful. Seeing my community here in Bushwick and all over this country rallying, marching and organizing keeps me going. So mark your calendars for Friday 2/17 all cuts, color and retail 20% will be going to the ACLU. #immigrantstrong #aclu




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