When your hair becomes your bestie #hairbestie<3 Check out our latest…

Silver Hair
Silver hair

Silver hair

Sterling color and cut by the one and only Donna Rae! Color achieved through a double process toned with Redken Shades Eq

green hairgreen hair

green hair

Good times to be had with double process custom green hair by Kristin Jackson.

blue hair

blue balayage

Royal blue balayage by Donna Rae using Pulp Riot. Also digging this shag/mullet hybrid. Should we call it a shullet?!

Let’s make your hair dreams come true visit us for a color consult. They’re complimentary and generally take 15mins, they allow us to determine the best service, pricing and how long to book out for the color appointment. Consults are not required for cuts. Be our bestie call or text 646-399-6873;)

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Color melt by Kristin Jackson<3

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