Neon Summer

Check out our latest work using the new Pulp Riot Wild Ride collection.

Neon Hair
Neon hair

Cut and color by Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot Wild Ride collection giving those 80s neon vibes! Kristin is in the studio Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Text for consults and appointments 646-399-6873!

Pulp Riot
Introducing Ice Skater, Cosmic Daze, Clouded, First Base and Acid Spill new colors from Pulp Riot Wild Ride collection

Sweet rocking 70s inspired shag mullet hybrid by Donna Rae⚔️ Donna is in Friday thru Monday for all your cut and color needs! Please text ahead Donna books quickly 646-399-6873.

As always thanks for peeping our page. Tomahawk is BIPOC queer owned private hair studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Non gendered pricing specializing in all hair types.

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The Doom Generation

Coming this summer to Tomahawk brought to you in technicolor and the magic of Donna Rae’s scissors!

Paper Cut Bob with Micro Bangs and Double Copper Color By Donna Rae<3<3<3

The perfect paper cut bob with micro bangs is giving me Rose McGowan as Amy Blue in The Doom Generation! If you haven’t checked out this 90’s classic add it to the top of your list. In the meantime give us a text for that summer chop with Donna Rae 646-399-6873 our IG TomahawkSalon

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Bi Pride Hair!

Bi Pride flag hair in the works! Kristin Jackson uses Pulp Riot hair color to achieve the bi pride flag colors of pink, purple and blue.

Kristin, Donna and I want to take a moment to say Happy Pride to our queer community and allies. It is a great privilege to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. HAPPY PRIDE never let anyone dampen your shine there is something magical and powerful in queer joy.

Tomahawk is BIPOC and queer owned space. We are located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn in a private, sun filled space. We love being a part of our clients exploration of how they express themselves in this world. Fo many of our trans and non binary clients cut and styling is one of the first gender affirming steps. We offer a safe space to explore without judgement, we are here to be a part of your journey every step of the way. We have been open since 2010 and made the decision years ago to not price on gender but length and style of hair. Moving forward I will personally be making content about gender affirming hair. I’ll be posting here on the blog and our Instagram tomahawksalon. This content will be centered around the process of hair and the impact cut and style can have on ones identity. This information will be especially for those out of state that may have difficulty knowing what to look and ask for when walking into a salon or barber shop. Things like hashtags and how to find queer spaces and stylists. Style verbage especially around short hair like fade, hardline, undercut, squared vs natural neckline, etc.. There is so much to explore and talk about with hair, beauty and steps that can be taken to affirm gender especially for those in states where this maybe daunting. This is something I can do for the community that has welcomed me and accepted an indigenous, mixed bisexual + that believes this world is not black and white and is beautiful in its fluidity.

As always thanks for peeping our page. Consults, appointments and questions shoot us a text 646-399-6873. Happy Pride everyone!

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Summer Fling

Kristin Jackson used new Pulp Riot Wild Ride collection for this summery pink and orange hair. Finished with a beautiful face framing haircut and baby bangs. Absolutely love how this came out perfect for those hot NYC nights!

Pink and orange hair color and mullet haircut

My Chemical Romance and a rockin mullet heck yes! Cut by mullet and shag specialist Donna Rae⚔️

As always thanks for peeping our page. For appointments and color consults shoot us a text 646-399-6873. Tomahawk is a private studio so text a head for all appointments and availabilities. Hope to see you soon!

XO Chantal, Kristin and Donna

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Wild Ride Is Here

Pulp Riot
Peek of Pulp Riot Wild Ride Collection
Pulp Riot
5 New Colors Just In Time For Spring
Pulp Riot
Introducing Ice Skater, Cosmic Daze, Clouded, First Base and Acid Spill

5 New colors from Pulp Riot giving us 80’s roller rink vibes with fun neons it’s going to be a wild ride! Head over to our insta as we swatch all 5 shades and wait till you see these colors in action! IG @tomahawksalon

Tomahawk is a BIPOC queer owned safe space. Located in a sunny private studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Appointment only so make sure to text a head 646-399-6873.

First time color clients with us send a current hair pic, color history and goal image via text or email. We’ll do our best to guide you to the ideal service. Consults are the best way to go over pricing, upkeep, goal etc.. Text 646-399-6873 or email

XOXO Chantal, Kristin and Donna

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Two Mullets and Non Gendered Pricing

Let’s take a look at 2 mullets one curly and one straight.

Curly mullet
Curly Mullet Front View Cut by Donna Rae
Curly Mullet side view
Curls, Curls, Curls cut by Donna Rae

Mullets can be perfect for all textures including curls. It’s all about the moisture locking it in and promoting the curl pattern. We love working with all textures from curly, straight and wavy we got you covered.

Mullet on Straight Hair by Donna Rae
Mullet side view
Mullet Side View with Fade on Sides Cut by Donna Rae

Did someone say business in the front, party in the back! This mullet is on straight hair with a more extreme fade on the sides. Both of these mullets can be done on any texture the biggest thing is how short you want those side. Doing a sharp fade like Donna did above you will definitely want to see someone that is comfortable doing a fade and Donna has being doing fades, mullets and shags since they’ve had scissors and clippers in hand.

One other thing these mullets have in common they are both non gendered pricing. Meaning we DO NOT gender our cuts or price by gender. Tomahawk has been a gender neutral hair studio for years. Our prices are based on length and style of hair NOT gender. Though we offer non gendered pricing we also love and truly feel blessed when we do gender affirming services. We live for having people sit in our chairs and allow us to be a part of their journey. We have so many trans and nonbinary clients and it brings us such joy to see our clients walk out feeling more a kin to themselves and who they are and how they want to present in this world.

Here is our pricing for cuts:

Above The Ears $65, Below the ear above the shoulder $70, Shoulder to shoulder blade $75, Long to extreme long $80-85.

Donna prefers to work from a wet palette and likes to do a diffused blow dry to work with natural texture. Kristin prefers dry cuts and is additional pricing for wash and dry. Both work with all textures. Donna can do zero guard fades like above Kristin does not and prefers using a guard. Bring in reference pics to show both stylists are very visual.

Tomahawk is BIPOC queer owned and operated private studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Text for appointments and consults 646-399-6873

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Be My Valentine

Split Dye
Split Dye Hair Vibrant Pink and Red. Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson
Pink Side is a mixture of 3 different pink tones including neon and pastel
Fire engine red using mixture of 2 tones of red and some magic to really make it pop!
Up close and can we take a moment for those nail<3

First time color clients with us we do require a consult that can be done over text. Text us a current hair pic, color history and goal image. We’ll go over services, what the process entails, upkeep, pricing and how long the service will take. Consults are a vital part to really nailing color. Text 646-399-6873.

Mini mullet
Sweetest Mini Mullet by Donna Rae
Mini mullet
Look at that texture! Razored mini mullet by Donna

Donna Rae is available Friday thru Monday. Cuts can be booked via texts. Donna is a master with the scissor and razor and loves disconnected shags, mullets and fades. Donna prefers wet cuts and washes and diffuses for a natural lived in cut. Donna color work leans more towards dimensional highlights, double process and single processes.

Kristin Jackson is available Thursday thru Saturday. Kristin loves bold color be it creative color melts or bold blondes. Kristin is a master of double processes and balayage (hand painted highlights). Kristin prefers dry cuts wash and dry is additional. Please let us know at booking if you want wash and dry with Kristin.

We are appointment only please text a head for availability 646-399-6873.

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K18 Peptide Pro Treatment

New In Salon Treatment

We now have breakthrough K18 molecular repair pro system. This can be added on to either color or cut services. This 2 part treatment only adds a minutes to your service but can completely revamp your hair.

K18 is a peptide that can penetrate past the hair cuticle to reach damage sites at the inner most layer and reconnect the broken chains. It renews strength and elasticity in just 4 minutes on all hair types! Check out their science by clicking the link K18
We are super stoked to be offering this pro hair system as well as Olaplex which works differently than K18. Both systems are truly valuable and the pro systems make a huge difference on how we do hair.

K18 is a 2 part system and is an add on service to any cut or color service and is an additional $40. Olaplex is also a 2 part service and can be added on to color service and is also a 2 part system that takes an additional 10 minutes and also an additional $40. Please follow the links above to read more and the science behind both K18 and Olaplex. Your stylist can also guide you to which treatment would be best.

To book an appointment give us a text at 646-399-6873. If a first time color client with us we do require a consult. Consults can be done via text by sending us a current hair pic, color history and goal image. We also do in person and generally take 15min to chat. Consults are great to go over goal, services, upkeep, pricing and any other questions.

Tomahawk is BIPOC queer owned private studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn at 456 Johnson Ave in the Papermill Building. We are by appointment only so please text ahead to see availabilities. Tomahawk is non gender pricing cuts and color are based on length and volume of hair not gender. We have been a part of the Bushwick community for 13 years and proud to belong to a vibrant and diverse neighborhood. We love you Bushwick and we love our clients! From the bottoms of our hearts THANK YOU for the continued support.

XOXO Chantal, Kristin and Donna

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About Damn Time… For A New Blog Post It’s All About The Rainbow;)

It’s been over 2 years since our last post. In that time we moved to a private studio and well continued on banging out cuts and color. We are still adhering to some covid guidelines like wearing masks, stations 6 ft apart, limiting guests and visitors. Masks is something that we will continue to implement. It’s for our safety and yours since we are still in very close proximity. But Hey we’ve gotten use to our new normal. If you forget your mask no worries we’ve got you covered. For now I wanted to share some of our recent color by Kristin Jackson that will send you over the rainbow.

Pride flag in process
Pride Flag in progress
Rainbow Pride flag hair color
Rainbow Pride Flag
Rainbow pride flag hair color
Celebrating LGBTQ+ Community Daily We Will Always Be A Safe Space! Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson
Creative color inspiration
Our clients always brings in her illustration as inspiration
Pastel rainbow hair color
Let’s take that inspiration and run with it! Color in process.
From Inspo to Reality Pastel Dreams Do Come True
Pastel Rainbow Hair Color
Pastel Rainbow Hair Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson
Neon rainbow hair
Did someone say NEON?!
Neon rainbow hair
Rainbow but make it Neon
Neon Rainbow Hair
Bright AF. This neon is blacklight responsive<3
Neon rainbow hair color
Neon Rainbow Hair Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson

Thanks so much for peeping our page and looking at our rainbow confections. All cuts and color were done by color specialist Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot Hair Color. All of these required hair to be lightened and are double processes.

For all new color clients with us we require a consultation. You can send us a current hair pic, color history and goal image text to 646-399-6873. Consults allow us to go through process, time, cost and upkeep. Keep in mind most of our color appointments are very time consuming. Consults allow us to figure out the best strategy prior to appointment.

Our private studio is at 456 Johnson Ave Suite 327. We are appointment only. No Walk Ins please text ahead of time 646-399-6873

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Covid 19 Procedures and Protocol

Woohoo after 3 long months we are finally ready to to reopen below is all the info you’ll need know before coming in for your appointment.

1. NO WALK-INS running by appointment only. The best way to guarantee a slot is by calling or texting ahead and pre-booking appointment at 646-399-6873.

2.YOU MUST WEAR A MASK NO EXCEPTIONS be aware that the mask MUST go behind your ears not a bandana. If you do not have a mask or prefer to not wear for cut or color we can provide you with a disposable mask for $2.

3.NO ADDITIONAL GUESTS we are asking our clients to come alone for their appointments. We no longer can offer a waiting area and are doing our best to limit the amount of people in the space.

4.BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE we are unable to provide beverages we ask that you bring your own and leave with any containers.


7. PUNCTUALITY IS KEY to having the salon run and meet the necessary sanitation guidelines. If you are running late please let us know and we will do the same. If you are running 15mins or later we may need to reschedule. Please understand all of our appointments will take longer than usual with strict cleaning protocol between clients.

8.BLOWOUTS ARE DISCRETIONARY Blowdryers increase the spread of the virus droplet if someone should sneeze or cough through the salon. The best thing to do is for cuts come in with clean damp hair and leave with hair damp or be placed under the hooded dryer for natural texture, color clients please come in with dry hair. Some clients will need to have their hair dried for color or if the stylist deems it essential to use a blowdryer. Please understand this is a necessary safety precaution.

9. NOT FEELING WELL we ask if anyone is feeling under the weather or if has been around someone that is showing signs or symptoms to reschedule appointments including our stylists.

10. WASH, WASH, WASH HANDS before sitting down for your appointment.

Here is what our stylists will be doing to provide a safe space for ourselves and clients.

-Sanitizing tools and stations between clients

-Limiting the amount of clients we take per day

-Fresh capes and or disposable capes

-Wearing  face masks

-And as always lots of hand washing

WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS however we are shortening our work day from 12-7

Donna Rae will be in Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 12-7

Kristin Jackson will be in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday an Saturday 12-7

Natalia Michele will be in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 12-7


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