Guide to Double Process Root Retouch

Confused of when to come in for that double process root retouch?! Check out below on how to keep that blonde looking stellar…


Photo by @hairbyfranco

Let’s talk about the importance of root maintenance for blondes and creative color. We recommend every 6-9 weeks or 1 inch of new growth to keep the color even and the strands in best possible shape. We’ve had clients come in thinking they were giving their hair a break by going longer between appointments or they liked the dark root look. Unfortunately the more you wait the more intensive the process is making it difficult to get an even result and prevent breakage. Bleaching is about chemistry and relies on body heat from the scalp to lift hair as light as possible. The further down the roots gets the harder it is to match the color and you risk overlapping and whelp breakage. When the roots are long it does cost more since we consider it a virgin double process. It is so important to come in every 6-9 weeks, we usually like 1 inch of root,  to maintain the best blonde. If you are unable to maintain the schedule then balayage (hand painted highlights where the roots are left natural) may be a better process for you. As always if you are thinking of lightening your hair we highly recommend an in person consult to talk over hair goals. Keep those roots and strands in the best possible shape and prebook that appointment. Don’t risk breakage and uneven color, your hair will thank you for it and so will your stylist.🤘 #themoreyouknow .

Thinking about going blonde book out a consult. Consults are complimentary and generally take about 15min. We can go over hair goals, maintenance, pricing and best service to make your hair dreams come true. Call or text salon at 646-399-6873.

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