About Damn Time… For A New Blog Post It’s All About The Rainbow;)

It’s been over 2 years since our last post. In that time we moved to a private studio and well continued on banging out cuts and color. We are still adhering to some covid guidelines like wearing masks, stations 6 ft apart, limiting guests and visitors. Masks is something that we will continue to implement. It’s for our safety and yours since we are still in very close proximity. But Hey we’ve gotten use to our new normal. If you forget your mask no worries we’ve got you covered. For now I wanted to share some of our recent color by Kristin Jackson that will send you over the rainbow.

Pride flag in process
Pride Flag in progress
Rainbow Pride flag hair color
Rainbow Pride Flag
Rainbow pride flag hair color
Celebrating LGBTQ+ Community Daily We Will Always Be A Safe Space! Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson
Creative color inspiration
Our clients always brings in her illustration as inspiration
Pastel rainbow hair color
Let’s take that inspiration and run with it! Color in process.
From Inspo to Reality Pastel Dreams Do Come True
Pastel Rainbow Hair Color
Pastel Rainbow Hair Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson
Neon rainbow hair
Did someone say NEON?!
Neon rainbow hair
Rainbow but make it Neon
Neon Rainbow Hair
Bright AF. This neon is blacklight responsive<3
Neon rainbow hair color
Neon Rainbow Hair Cut and Color by Kristin Jackson

Thanks so much for peeping our page and looking at our rainbow confections. All cuts and color were done by color specialist Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot Hair Color. All of these required hair to be lightened and are double processes.

For all new color clients with us we require a consultation. You can send us a current hair pic, color history and goal image text to 646-399-6873. Consults allow us to go through process, time, cost and upkeep. Keep in mind most of our color appointments are very time consuming. Consults allow us to figure out the best strategy prior to appointment.

Our private studio is at 456 Johnson Ave Suite 327. We are appointment only. No Walk Ins please text ahead of time 646-399-6873

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Covid 19 Procedures and Protocol

Woohoo after 3 long months we are finally ready to to reopen below is all the info you’ll need know before coming in for your appointment.

1. NO WALK-INS running by appointment only. The best way to guarantee a slot is by calling or texting ahead and pre-booking appointment at 646-399-6873.

2.YOU MUST WEAR A MASK NO EXCEPTIONS be aware that the mask MUST go behind your ears not a bandana. If you do not have a mask or prefer to not wear for cut or color we can provide you with a disposable mask for $2.

3.NO ADDITIONAL GUESTS we are asking our clients to come alone for their appointments. We no longer can offer a waiting area and are doing our best to limit the amount of people in the space.

4.BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE we are unable to provide beverages we ask that you bring your own and leave with any containers.


7. PUNCTUALITY IS KEY to having the salon run and meet the necessary sanitation guidelines. If you are running late please let us know and we will do the same. If you are running 15mins or later we may need to reschedule. Please understand all of our appointments will take longer than usual with strict cleaning protocol between clients.

8.BLOWOUTS ARE DISCRETIONARY Blowdryers increase the spread of the virus droplet if someone should sneeze or cough through the salon. The best thing to do is for cuts come in with clean damp hair and leave with hair damp or be placed under the hooded dryer for natural texture, color clients please come in with dry hair. Some clients will need to have their hair dried for color or if the stylist deems it essential to use a blowdryer. Please understand this is a necessary safety precaution.

9. NOT FEELING WELL we ask if anyone is feeling under the weather or if has been around someone that is showing signs or symptoms to reschedule appointments including our stylists.

10. WASH, WASH, WASH HANDS before sitting down for your appointment.

Here is what our stylists will be doing to provide a safe space for ourselves and clients.

-Sanitizing tools and stations between clients

-Limiting the amount of clients we take per day

-Fresh capes and or disposable capes

-Wearing  face masks

-And as always lots of hand washing

WE ARE OPEN 7 DAYS however we are shortening our work day from 12-7

Donna Rae will be in Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 12-7

Kristin Jackson will be in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday an Saturday 12-7

Natalia Michele will be in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 12-7


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We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Tomahawk is owned and operated by a mixed indigenous woman who has spoken out and stands with marginalized black indigenous people of color (BIPoC) community. Tomahawk has always represented and been a symbol of both kinship and defiance. Owner Chantal asks you stand with us and for the Bushwick community in saying BLACK LIVES MATTER and we must end police brutality. We are standing with State Senator Julia Salazar and Assemblywoman Maritza Davila in REPEALING 50-A and passing the Safer NY Act. As New Yorkers this is something we can do now DEMAND the NYPD to take accountability of gross misconduct and the over policing of our communities targeting brown and black folks. Primary Elections are on June 23rd. If you are a New Yorker and unable to make it to the polls please make sure to send in your Absentee Ballot. For more info on the Primaries and how to vote click this link Vote.NYC. It is time we have JUSTICE for the victims and communities devastated by police brutality.

Repeal 50-asafer ny actrepeal 50-a
safer ny act

For further information you can also check out Communities United For Police Reform. Sign and share Tell State Leaders End Police Secrecy. Click this link for more ways to fight injustice In Defense of Black Life.

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Covid-19 Update

Our little slice of heaven will be temporarily closing it’s doors Thursday March 20th. It is a tough but necessary decision to do our part to curve the spread of Covid-19. This will be a difficult time for all of us including small businesses, freelancers, artists and the working class. Keep informed on things you can do to help in your community. For small businesses writing a review on Yelp or Google can really help a mom and pop shop out when they’re ready to reopen. Do you follow an artist, maker or designer? Go on their social media give a like and comment to help get their posts seen. And when we are finally ready to reopen our doors support small, independent businesses around you. Let’s all do our part and sustain each other! Sending virtual hugs and kisses much love Chantal, Kristin and DonnaXOXO

If you haven’t done so give us a follow on Instagram for the most up to date info on all things Tomahawk. We’ll be posting regular tutorials and helpful tips on how to keep yourself on fleek during lockdown. How to cover those grays (put down the box dye), snip those bangs and fun styles to try. Find us @tomahawksalon

Salon Interior

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Hello March

Purple and pink hair

bob cut purple and pink hair

Ahhhh Spring is upon us and we are feeling it just like this amazing cut and color by Kristin Jackson. A perfect bob haircut and creative color that slays for days. This color was achieved through a double process. Hair was lightened and followed by custom mixed multi colors by Kristin using Pulp Riot<3

blonde balayage

A beautiful natural balayage (hand painted highlights) by Kristin Jackson using Redken color. This multi-tonal method allows for a more natural way to brighten hair and give dimension. Balayage is great for those that want less upkeep than a double process since the root is untouched. Balayage tends to have more warmth and lifts about 5 levels. If you want a very light cool blonde it may take several visits to the salon to achieve.

Shag cut

Our boss lady Chantal got shagged by Donna Rae. Shag haircuts are great for both straight and curly hair. Thinks icons like Cher, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks! This is a great cut for everyone to rock!

wash hands

Hey everyone we just want to take a moment and say for all of our health make sure when you come in PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS! We are taking our best measures to keep healthy and safe. If you don’t feel well please stay home. We do 24 hours confirmations just let us know at that time if your feeling under the weather. It’s better to be safe and take preventive measures. We love our community let’s all play a part in protecting one another.

To book appointments and consults (consults required for all first time color lightening services) call or text 646-399-6873. Please give us a follow @tomahawksalon for all things Tomahawk!


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Valentines Edition

Happy Valentines lovers. Here’s some v-day inspo to get that heart going…

cotton candy pink

Cotton candy perfection cut and color by Kristin Jackson. Achieved through a full double process followed by custom mixed creative color.

peachy pink

Our client rocking her pastel peachy pink do by Kristin using Redken Shades Eq.


Softest lavender pink hue on our client @or_acle. Julia has been seeing Kristin for years and has done so many fun colors as inspired as her magical art and music. Check out her work on instagram! photo by Gershon Kreimer

short hair

For your gothic hearts blue black hair and precision cut by Dona Rae. Color was achieved through single process permanent color.

Wild at heart

It’s time to get Wild At Heart bebe. Give us a call or text for consults and appointments 646-399-6873! To check out more of our #hairinspo give us a follow @tomahawksalon

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Travel Reminder


Heads up folks Kristin will be away from Saturday 1/18 and back Wednesday 2/2. Please make sure to book accordingly since her appointments fill fast!

Hey folks we’ve got some schedule changes since Kristin is away until 2/4. Tomahawk will be closed Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30th. Donna will be in on her regular workdays which is every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. She is going to be the only stylist on the floor so please be patient as we try to book appointments. The best way to book and for a quicker response is via TEXT at 646-399-6873!

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Hello 2020

Pink Hair

Our client Jackie usually does several tones of pink but for 2020 she decided to add a pop of aquamarine. Custom color and cut by Kristin Jackson.

Punk cut

New year new do by Donna Rae. Donna gave her client a rad lil’ hybrid of a Chelsea and pompadour. Best of both worlds!


Heads up folks Kristin will be away from Saturday 1/18 and back Wednesday 2/2. Please make sure to book accordingly since her appointments fill fast!

Thanks for checking out our blog for all things Tomahawk give us a follow on Instagram @tomahawksalon

For appointments and consults call or text 646-399-6873

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My Little Pony

lavender hair

Loving this smokey lavender with hints of pinks and blues. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

details lavender hair

It’s in the details<3 Custom color by Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot

Thinking of lightening or doing some creative color book out a complimentary 15min consult. At the consult bring us your #hairinspo and we’ll help determine the best service to make your hair dreams come true. Kristin is available Wednesday thru Saturday and generally has consults available during those days. You can call or text us at 646-399-6873. Need some inspiration you can give us a follow @tomahawksalon 

my little pony

What’s on your #moodboard

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Kawaii Pink

Amazing color melt by Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot. Living for the purple shadow root blending into that vibrant fuchsia. Check it out…

color melt purple into fuchsia

Pulp riot is the paint, Kristin Jackson is the artist<3

Swingbob cut and fuchsia color

Swingbob cut also by Kristin

Thinking of doing a big change in color give us a call or text 646-399-6873 and book out a complimentary 15min consult. Consults allow us to get on the same page as our clients #hairgoals to determine the best service and upkeep. Bring us your inspo and let’s make some hair dreams come true<3

As Always thanks for peeping and you all have a safe and blessed Samhain!


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