We Love Our Clients<3

We are so grateful to have such amazing clients and community. This post is actually a repost of our clients selfies and how they rock their Tomahawk dos…


@dirtworship rocking haircolor by Kristin Jackson and the ultimate #mullethawk by Donna Rae. It’s all in the teamwork!

icy balayage

Baby it’s cold out @pangbang keeping it icy in this blue and gray balayage by Kristin Jackson

Bardot cut

Classic Bardot cut on @heyseantaylor by Donna Rae

pink bob

Visual artist @or_acle crushing her pink bob<3 Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

wavy bob

#curlsonfleek soft wavy bob by Donna Rae

pink lavender color

Candy perfection soft pink lavender by Kristin Jackson

Keep it tender Bushwick! Wanna chop or color that hair give us a call or text 646-399-6873. All lightening services require an in person consult to determine pricing and service. Color can be a process and a journey just remember Life’s a bleach and than you dye! Oh yeah and give us a follow #tomahawksalon or our official IG page @tomahawksalon


Cut and Color by Donna Rae

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New Year, New Do!

Check out these strong and bitching females rocking their #girlboss hair<3

Color melt blonde into pink

Our client usually rocks flaming yellow, orange and red hair. But when Kristin lifted her roots and mid shaft the blonde just popped.

Color melt

Kristin did a color melt using Redken shades Eq blending into pink. This is a great way to change color and maintain healthy hair since NO lightener was used at the ends. The coral pink was hand painted from the ends to mid. Color by Kristin.


This client had grown out foil highlights with a demarcation line 3 inches from the scalp. Kristin meticulously blended it out with a balayage, hand painted highlights. Kristin then applied a custom mixed smokey #blurple. Going this dark and vibrant will last this client months while she travels through Spain. The color will fade to a lavender. Cut and color by Kristin.

This client came in for lavender hair with Donna Rae around Thanksgiving. Cut and color by Donna.

pink hair

New year, new do! Donna took her to cotton candy pink and a tighter shave on the sides for New Years. I love how androgynous this look is. Cut and color by Donna.

Is it time for a new do?! Give us a call or text we’ll guide through it with an in person consult. We’ll let you know what to expect with the lightening process, maintenance, pricing, service duration, haircare… Consults are free and generally take 15min or less. Consults are the best way for us to help you make ur hair dreamz come true. Call or text 646-399-6873. You can now follow us @tomahawksalon for all ur #hairinspo!



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Kurt Cobain 4Eva<3<3<3

Grungy blue

Kristin Jackson refreshed her clients double process by toning with Shades Eq Aqua Blue. She custom mixed several shades to come up with this perfect grungy blue.

mood board

90’s hair inspo of the iconic Kurt Cobain. What’s on your mood board?

firey balayage

Fiery balayage and a shagtastic cut by Donna Rae

Kurt rockin red hair for Rolling Stone

galaxy hair

Kristin did this purple galaxy hair on Lily. I love the subtle hints of pink and blue. True artistry that sends me to the cosmos<3

galaxy hair

Zoom into the details. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

Kurt Cobain

The stars are out tonight forever an inspiration.

Bring us your inspiration, your mood boards and visions. Let’s see if we can make some magic. For all services requiring lightening the hair we like to do an in person consult. Consults are free and helps us to get on the same page as our clients, allowing us to book out the proper amount of time and price to make your hair dreams come true. Give us a call or TEXT 646-399-6873. Visit our color page for more info!

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Season of the Witch!

If you been to Tomahawk you know we love the macabre, horror movies, creatures and spooky tales. No need for decoration around these parts, everyday is Halloween. Here’s whats been brewing in our cauldron. Something wicked this way comes….

Silver and yellow hair

silver and yellow hair

Can we talk about the perfection of this moment! Kristin took our client to all new fierceness with this silver into canary yellow bomb hair. This was done through a double process retouch. Sizzling photos captured by our client;) Kristin is available Wednesday-Saturday.

precision cut

A dark and edgy precision cut by Fiona Beardman. Fiona is available Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

shag hair cut

Sultry shag cut by Fiona. Fiona is our junior stylist and is available for slightly discounted cuts<3

shag cut an single process color

Joan Jett inspired shag cut and blue black color. By Donna Rae available Friday thru Monday

Did you all know that the salon is tucked behind our storefront! Our store has loads of creepy crawly goodies by Sourpuss and Too Fast as well as products by Redken, Verb, Celeb Luxury and Fatboy. Pop by the storefront it’s open Wednesday thru Saturdays.


Come in and grab one of these spooktacular iron on patches. Each is $6. Rep ur favorite monster!

Happy Halloween Witches! As always thanks for peeping our page, give us a like on FB and follow our #tomahawksalon on Insta!

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A Pop Of Pink and Some 80’s Mullets

Check out some of our work this month…

Julia pink bob

Our beautiful client Julia rocking her vibrant pink bob by Kristin Jackson. This was a big change for our Julia who usually wears her hair long and blonde or blue and purple, like the mermaid she is. This time she told Kristin to chop it and color it pink. This gives me Natalie Portman vibes from the movie Closer. This epic photo was shot by Chris Luttrell

Neon pink balayage

Cherry Pop neon pink balayage by Kristin Jackson. The root was not lightened for a more natural grow out just tinted by the neon creative color.

Our beautiful client matching her surroundings. Color and cut by Kristin. This color was achieved through a double process. To keep this light and consistent of blonde our client comes in every 8 weeks for a double root retouch. The bottom color is tweeked depending on her feelz.


Rockin’ 80’s inspired mullet cut by Donna Rae. Check out that zero fade <3

hybrid mullet shag

mullet Shag hybrid

A very mod style mullet/shag by our Junior Stylist Fiona.

We here every day except for Tuesdays. To book an appointment or consult give us a call or text 646-399-6873. Bring us your hair inspo, here’s one of our mullet icons KEIFER!


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Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork<3

One of the best thing about being in a small salon is the sense of kinship. Not only do we love working together as a crew but it’s absolutely energizing to collaborate with our clients. Check out some of our current work below and as always none of this would be possible without you, our clients!

Pink Mullet

@dirtworship had a vision and wanted a Donna Rae mullet. The following week she came in for a full double process to go with a bold pink with lavender accents. Kristin weaved out her natural color at the bang to give this high impact look. TEAMWORK cut by Donna Rae color by Kristin Jackson.

Clipper cut on curly hair

Next up Donna’s client wanted to bring out her inner warrior. Donna did a zero fade tapering down in the back. The line work makes for a striking effect.

Clipper cut zero fade

View from the back. Fade all day, cut by Donna Rae.

Bowl Cut

Fiona’s client wanted a bowl cut/mullet hybrid. To some stylists this could be daunting but Fiona said BRING IT ON!

Bowl cut

Rad collaboration between stylist and client. Cut by Fiona Beardman

Soft lavender and bob cut.

This sweet selfie was taken moments after Kristin did her magic. Soft pale pinky lavender. Remember folks the paler the color the quicker the fade. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson. Photo by client.

Working in the beauty industry can be complex. Our hair is tied to our persona. When we don’t feel like our authentic selves a cut or color can be up lifting. Do you have a vision of how you see yourself? We’re here to consult and guide you. Sometimes the vision can be a process, especially if you want a drastic color change. Sometimes it requires more maintenance and may not fit your lifestyle. That’s why we like to consult for all of our lightening services. When you come in for a cut or color bring in images, be it pinned or old selfies. Even if it’s multiple images we can help you piece it together. All of us here at Tomahawk are visual people and those images really guide us to give you the best outcome. When you walk out our doors we wanna see you shining like the star you are<3 Give us a call or text 646-399-6873


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Endless Summer…

Pink lavender color

The sweetest pink lavender confection by Kristin Jackson<3

pink lavender

Multiple colors were used to achieve the soft and muted creative color by Kristin.

strawberry blonde

Lighten up with a soft balayage cut and color by Donna Rae

strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hi lights compliment this summer shag. Cut and color by Donna<3

platinum blonde

Double process platinum blonde and killer mullet by Fiona Beardman

icy blonde

Our Junior stylist Fiona is now taking color appointments! Cut and color by Fiona<3

Purple balayage

Swingin’ purple balayage by Kristin Jackson

purple balayage

Balayage is a form of hand painted/swept hi lights that processes in the open air. Balayage allows for a natural root. Kristin used Pulp Riot Velvet and Jam. Yum to this color combo!

shredded cut

Super fun and shredded cut by Fiona Beardman!

As always thanks for giving our blog a looksy. To book an appointment or color consult you can give us a call or text at 646-388-6873. Thinking about lightening your hair or doing some fun colors?! We require an in person consult, they’re free and allow us to get on the same page as our clients. Many of our color appointments take over 3 hours and we wanna make sure we’ve booked out the appropriate time bebe;) So remember life’s a BLEACH and than you DYE!


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Neon Nights

Let’s brightened it up a bit with some colorful neon looks. All of these ultraglo color confections were done by Kristin Jackson!

neon chelsea

To achieve this neon chelsea Kristin used Kenra neon orange and yellow

neon orange

This asymmetrical cut gives the notion of 2 do’s in 1!

neon orange

The cut and color blend work together perfectly, giving it an edgy yet polished feel.

neon paradise

Neon paradise in progress

neon paradise

Kristin used LimeCrime Dirty Mermaid and Kenra Neons

pulp riot blush

High kicking pink and a knockout cut. Kristin used our new color line Pulp Riot;)

All of these colors were achieved on double process hair. Hair is lightened from scalp to tip followed by toner or creative color. Creative color is not permanent and requires loads of care. Please check out our color page for tips and tricks for maintaining creative color. Interested in adding a pop of neon to your life?! Give us a call or text to book a consult 646-399-6873. Consults allow us to get on the same page as our clients and helps us determine pricing and service and is required for all lightening services. As always thanks for peeping our page!

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Color Me Rad!

Hand made color swatches

Hand made hair swatches by Kristin Jackson<3

Word up this post is all about that color. You know the kinda color that makes you do double take, be it a bit of a pop or a whole lotta BANG! Read on to see some of our tips and tricks to our favorite color of the month…

Custom pink

Donna Rae custom mixed pinks and violets to come up with this amazing tone!

Creative color is made to fade. We always like to go on the more vibrant side to allow for several shampoos. The best way to maintain color is to wash less, embrace dry shampoo and use color safe products or conditioning cleansers. The more you lather and suds the color disappears down the drain. Conditioning cleansers or No Poo can save your color but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes going brighter and allowing the color to fade to a more lived in look, is better for our clients. Remember color can be a journey:)

Electric green bob

An electrifying green on this precision bob both cut and color by Kristin Jackson.

One of our favorite ways of preserving color is by using Viral color depositing shampoo and conditioners by Celeb Luxury. One of my top tricks is washing hair in cool water not only does it give great shine to your hair but invigorates the skin.  Washing in hot water is a color killer, it opens the cuticle and causes the pigments to fall out and down the drain. Cool water seals the cuticle preserving color, keep in mind cool water rinse and repeat!

blonde melted into pale pink

Kristin melted the perfect icy platinum blonde into a soft and muted pink. To get color this white takes time.

All of these images are on double process hair. Hair is lightened to a yellow and then toned to customizable shades from butter blondes, rainbow colors or platinum. Vibrant creative colors are the most forgiving and can blend away even orange tones. To keep pastels and blondes you want to come in every 6-8 weeks for root touchups.

bleached panel

Fiona Beardman did a bleached butter blonde panel and demi permanent black to make this mullet really stand out.

black mullet

same guy different side. Fiona used demi permanent natural black.

Our Junior Stylist Fiona is now taking color appointments at a discounted rate of 30% off. Fiona is available for glazes, single process color (matching color, going darker or 2 shades lighter) and double process roots (1 inch of roots or less). You must first book a consult to determine service, price and how long it’ll take to make your hair dreams come true.

Text or call the salon at 646-399-6873 for consults and appointments. As always thanks for peeping. Like and follow our Facebook page for current posts and info<3

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Snip Or Dye!

We’ve got some rad little numbers for you this month. From some edgy short cuts to our amazeballs color. What’s your poison, snip or dye?!

Short double process blonde

Double process blonde on short hair by Donna Rae

short double process blonde

Check out that clipper work by Donna Rae a perfect blend<3

short double process blonde

Happiness can be found in a little snip or dye;)

Men's shag

Edgy textured shag by Fiona Beardman

Men's shag

It’s in the details cut by Fiona

Natural blonde balayage

Sunkissed natural blonde balayage highlights by Kristin Jackson.

Close up blu and purple hair

Close up of creative color balayage. Kristin Jackson hand painted vivid blues and purples for ultimate high impact hair!

Rosegold double process

Double process blonde toned with Redken pastels for a perfect rosegold. Olaplex was added to help mend broken hair bonds and add extreme shine. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

Unsure of what service to get we’re here for ya! Give us a call or text to book in for a consult, we’ll guide you to what service is best to make your hair dreams come true. As always thanks for peeping our page. Consults can be booked at 646-399-6873

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