Bleach, Bleach and more Bleach also Jess of all Trades Video

When I think bleached hair I imagine punks on St.Marks with rainbow mohawks, Youthquake icon Edie Sedgwick, 90′s riot girls with fists in the air and hot damn Debbie Harry!… To me it’s what Tomahawk and Bushwick is all about, it’s not LUXURY (argh I wanna puke when I hear Bushwick and luxury) it’s gritty, it has teeth, it’s a f*cking punch in the face! So here is to our filthy, gorgeous clients rockin’ bleached hair. KEEP IT SLEEZY BUSHWICK! See ya in the gutter…

Badass Babe color by Kristin Jackson

Badass Babe color by Kristin Jackson

Color By Kristin Jackson

Color By Kristin Jackson

Kristin took this new mom to an all over purple hue, office job be damned she got trashy at Tomahawk and she liked it!

This next client decided to get down and dirty with our Alabama slammer Ms Donna Rae, she’s a true southern filthy b*tch but damn she can do good hair.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold color by Donna Rae Williams

And finally this dapper dan decided to get a little gritty with Donna with his bleached pompadour/mullet our new favorite hybrid.

The Hybrid

The Hybrid cut and color by Donna Rae Williams

Oh yeah we totally forgot that we filmed this for NY1. Check out Chantal adding a colorful clip in to Jess of all Trades.

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Getting Creative with Color


Stylist Kristin Jackson with client purple ombre with tinsel extensions

Stylist Kristin Jackson with Nari’s purple ombre and tinsel extensions

We at Tomahawk love to get creative be it through a full head of vibrant hues, hi-lites for a pop of color, an ombre or dip dye effect, or just a peek a boo of colorful panels. Check out some of our creative color work.

All over Blue and purple tones by Kristin

All over Blue and purple tones by Kristin

Double process blonde with a soft pink ombre

Double process blonde with a soft pink ombre

Black hair with purple Hi-Lite

Black hair with purple Hi-Lite by Donna

Double process with black peek a boo panel

Double process with black peek a boo panel by Donna

Platinum Blonde by Donna Rae

Platinum Blonde by Donna Rae

Creative color is usually achieved through a double process that requires bleaching and toning hair with colored pigment. Bleach will lighten the hair and open the cuticle for the deposited color to really stick. Creative color can also be applied to natural hair for a bit of a pop or on prelightened hair as a single process. To maintain color we recommend using color safe products such as Redken’s sulfate free shampoo and conditioner Color Extend Magentics available at Tomahawk. Check out our color page for prices.

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With A Heavy Heart…

We at Tomahawk are truly devastated to hear of the death of our dear friend Chris DeMarco. We opened our shops around the same time at The Loom. We were a family of transplants trying to etch out a place for ourselves. He was always there making us comfort food, handing us a shot, commiserating about money and life, smiling that really big silly grin (to me the most perfect smile that wrapped around his eyes) and above all giving the best hugs on the planet! My heart goes out to his family, friends and all the Bushwick transplants that crossed his path. We will have our memories of the Deli and General Store and time well spent with a beautiful dreamer and friend. R.I.P Chris DeMarco.

Chris Demarco

There’s a way to help the DeMarco family please follow the link and donate Chris DeMarco Fund. RIP my beautiful friend.

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Tomahawk Salon Inside the Pages of Nylon Magazine February 2014

Super stoked to be in this months Nylon Magazine with Vanessa Hudgens on the cover. We are featured in Space Invaders on page 77 “consider this place your beauty mecca”.



Tomahawk Salon Space Invaders

Tomahawk Salon Space Invaders For Nylon Magazine

Also our go to blog for everything Bushwick, Bushwick Daily wrote several awesome posts here’s a link to coping with Winter Hair by salon owner Chantal. This next entry is about our new space 17 Thames. Wowza a lot going on for our Tomahawk gang. Remember the best way to book is to give us a call 646-399-6873 if you leave us a message or text someone will get back to you.

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The Undercut A Hairstyle Any Man Can Rock

There is nothing like a dapper Dan, a man of yesteryear with clean cuts and clean lines. Be it dustbowl era or 50′s greaser the undercut is one style any man or women can rock!



It’s a simple cut usually achieved with clipper work ask for the sides and back to be shaved leaving some length on the top to rock a pompadour or neatly combed to the side or greased straight back. The undercut is super versatile you can go extreme with a high and deep shave or classic and gradual with a blend.



undercut done by Donna Rae Williams at Tomahawk

undercut done by Donna Rae Williams at Tomahawk

And hell even girls can rock it think Tilda Swinton or Michelle Williams or dare I say my inspiration for cutting my locks Leonardo Dicaprio circa the 90′s! I had Donna Rae Williams do a high shave using a 2 guard all around then kept my top long hitting to my ears. I wear my do slicked back using Redken Polish Up Pomade or floppy and to the side using Fatboy texturizing putty. Cut and products found at Tomahawk.

Chantal's undercut

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All About The Fringe

I got to do these really cool 60′s french style bangs on Shelby. Totally changed her look with one swoop of my shears.

Bang On

Bangs are such an easy and economic way to change up your do. Maintain your style with $15 bang trims, no fringe no problem a bang cut is $20-25. Here are some classic examples of famous fringes and whatever you decide bang on.

Long and side swept

Long and side swept

Above the eye Jane Birkin Bang

Above the brow Jane Birkin Bang

Short and sweet chainsaw bangs

Short and sweet chainsaw bangs

The Betty Bang straight across

The Betty/Retro Bang straight across

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We have moved to 17 Thames!

Welcome to Tomahawk Salon

We are now located at 17 Thames in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our new diggs lands us closer to the Morgan L stop on Thames just between Bogart St and Morgan Ave. We still have the same number and we still recommend calling ahead to book an appointment (646)399-6873. Tomahawk has been serving up Brooklyn Bettys and Dapper Dans since 2010 and we are super stoked for you guys and gals to come check out the new space. We now have the super stylish Shelby Lawson and her vintage finds Nouveau Vieux in house! So come on in we got you covered from head to toe. Plus Mr. Bandit the chihuahua misses you…

Mr. Bandit Tomahawk Chihuahua

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The Double Process for Creative Color or Platinum Blonde Hair

So recently I decided to strip the blue out of my hair and try my hand at silvery blonde.

double processThe double process is one of our most popular services. It first requires bleaching hair then toning (we use Redken Shades EQ or highly pigmented creative color). This service is used to achieve platinum blonde hair or any creative color. Hi-lights or Balayage is more dimensional and little less upkeep you can get away with some roots where as a double process they are more noticeable. Time in the chair is about 2-2 1/2 hours. Bleaching can be damaging on hair your first process may not bring you to white and may require several visits to the salon. After you achieve your perfect blonde you maintain it by doing just the roots and toning all over, since it is only the roots being bleached damage to hair is minor. We recommend keeping hair healthy by using Redken Anti-Snap and Extreme shampoo and conditioner sold at Tomahawk also extra virgin coconut oil.

Redken Products

For more information on services and prices please visit our color page.

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Changes Are A Coming

So first up we’d like to announce our new edition Ms. Donna Cyrus. Donna brings with her over 20 years experience as a stylist and colorist. She specializes in all her types but has a particular love for dimensional hi-lites and short styles from feminine to edgy to tight clipper work for the Gents. You will surly love her southern hospitality.

Second pardon our appearance as we begin deconstruction thats right we are MOVING to 17 Thames in the upcoming weeks. We are excited to take Tomahawk to the next level. Alas that means we have some wonky things happening. Our ATM is out of service and our cash out area has some romantic mood lighting going on but we are still up and running just check the site or call us for further info.

Here’s a fun photo shoot our Ms. Kristin did its bacon time!

Ms. Kristin does bacon fantasy hair

Ms. Kristin does bacon fantasy hair

That's right it's bacon!

That’s right it’s bacon!

Check out Kristin’s blog for more on bacon.

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MTV Names Us Top 5 Nail Salon

The 5 Best Brooklyn Nail Art Salons _ MTV Style

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