Two Mullets and Non Gendered Pricing

Let’s take a look at 2 mullets one curly and one straight.

Curly mullet
Curly Mullet Front View Cut by Donna Rae
Curly Mullet side view
Curls, Curls, Curls cut by Donna Rae

Mullets can be perfect for all textures including curls. It’s all about the moisture locking it in and promoting the curl pattern. We love working with all textures from curly, straight and wavy we got you covered.

Mullet on Straight Hair by Donna Rae
Mullet side view
Mullet Side View with Fade on Sides Cut by Donna Rae

Did someone say business in the front, party in the back! This mullet is on straight hair with a more extreme fade on the sides. Both of these mullets can be done on any texture the biggest thing is how short you want those side. Doing a sharp fade like Donna did above you will definitely want to see someone that is comfortable doing a fade and Donna has being doing fades, mullets and shags since they’ve had scissors and clippers in hand.

One other thing these mullets have in common they are both non gendered pricing. Meaning we DO NOT gender our cuts or price by gender. Tomahawk has been a gender neutral hair studio for years. Our prices are based on length and style of hair NOT gender. Though we offer non gendered pricing we also love and truly feel blessed when we do gender affirming services. We live for having people sit in our chairs and allow us to be a part of their journey. We have so many trans and nonbinary clients and it brings us such joy to see our clients walk out feeling more a kin to themselves and who they are and how they want to present in this world.

Here is our pricing for cuts:

Above The Ears $65, Below the ear above the shoulder $70, Shoulder to shoulder blade $75, Long to extreme long $80-85.

Donna prefers to work from a wet palette and likes to do a diffused blow dry to work with natural texture. Kristin prefers dry cuts and is additional pricing for wash and dry. Both work with all textures. Donna can do zero guard fades like above Kristin does not and prefers using a guard. Bring in reference pics to show both stylists are very visual.

Tomahawk is BIPOC queer owned and operated private studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Text for appointments and consults 646-399-6873

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