Chop It Up



It’s all in the details. Loads texture and killer face frame by uber talented Donna Rae

Thinking about chopping it off we got you covered. Bring in your hair inspo and we’ll talk you through it. Try and find images that are close to your hair texture and ultimate goals. We love collaborating with our clients to find the best do for them and their life. We get it good hair days are on the horizon<3 Call or text for appointments at 646-399-6873

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Head in the Clouds

Ode to that perfect pastel baby blue…

baby blue

Pastel blue hair and bob cut by Kristin Jackson.

This color was achieved through a full double process. Pastel color can be tricky to get and maintain especially pastel blue, the hair needs to be nearly white, any hint of yellow can turn the color green. We were super lucky that she lifted beautifully and decided to loose some length to really showcase the color. This client will have some at home upkeep like using Viral Baby Blue shampoo or LimeCrime Powder Blue to refresh at home since pastels do fade fast. Root retouch is recommended every 6-8 weeks. Cut and color was done by Kristin who is available Wednesday thru Saturdays. If your thinking of lightening your hair we require an in person consult this helps us get on the same page as our clients to determine the best service, price, upkeep and how long to book out to make your hair dreams come true. Consults are complimentary and generally take 15min. To book you can call or text 646-399-6873. As always thanks for peeping us and give us a follow on Insta @tomahawksalon

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All Hail The Mullet

Huge transformation for this cutie! She was weighed down by a mass of hair and then she got a Donna Rae CHOP. Loving this mullet/shag hybrid Donna gave her. It really brought her curls to life. Check out this transformation…

long mullet

long mullet

Cut by Donna Rae Photo under studio light


All the angles photo taken in natural light

Now check out the before….

before mullet

Wowza now that’s a transformation! Thank you for trusting us with this epic chopXOXO

Thinking about doing a drastic chop like a rockin’ mullet or shag you can always pop in and do a consult. We are exceptionally visual stylists it’s always great to bring in pics and #hairinspo. It’s a great way to get on the same page, even if the pic isn’t exactly what you want we can help guide you to the hair of your dreams. Give us a call or text at 646-399-6873 for appointments and consults. Keeping Bushwick dapper since 2010!

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Burn Baby Burn

It’s that time of the year where we send our clients off to Black Rock to set the desert on FIRE. We love helping our clients come up with amazing looks from holographic to this sunset inspired do. Check it peeps…

sunset placement

It’s all about the placement! Custom color by Kristin Jackson


Join the caravan color by Kristin Jackson

Color was achieved through a double process root retouch with custom mixed colors. This took about 4 hours with the colors being hand painted into that perfect melt. To maintain color we suggest washing with cool water and using cleansing conditioner (shampoo that doesn’t suds). Thinking about lightening hair going blonde or creative we require an in person consult. This allows us to best determine hair goals, service, price, maintaining color and how long to book out to make your hair dreams come true<3 To book a consult call or text 646-399-6873!

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Guide to Double Process Root Retouch

Confused of when to come in for that double process root retouch?! Check out below on how to keep that blonde looking stellar…


Photo by @hairbyfranco

Let’s talk about the importance of root maintenance for blondes and creative color. We recommend every 6-9 weeks or 1 inch of new growth to keep the color even and the strands in best possible shape. We’ve had clients come in thinking they were giving their hair a break by going longer between appointments or they liked the dark root look. Unfortunately the more you wait the more intensive the process is making it difficult to get an even result and prevent breakage. Bleaching is about chemistry and relies on body heat from the scalp to lift hair as light as possible. The further down the roots gets the harder it is to match the color and you risk overlapping and whelp breakage. When the roots are long it does cost more since we consider it a virgin double process. It is so important to come in every 6-9 weeks, we usually like 1 inch of root,  to maintain the best blonde. If you are unable to maintain the schedule then balayage (hand painted highlights where the roots are left natural) may be a better process for you. As always if you are thinking of lightening your hair we highly recommend an in person consult to talk over hair goals. Keep those roots and strands in the best possible shape and prebook that appointment. Don’t risk breakage and uneven color, your hair will thank you for it and so will your stylist.🤘 #themoreyouknow .

Thinking about going blonde book out a consult. Consults are complimentary and generally take about 15min. We can go over hair goals, maintenance, pricing and best service to make your hair dreams come true. Call or text salon at 646-399-6873.

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Summer Vibes

Yas summer is upon us and we are living for it! Check out some of our current work and if you haven’t done so give us a follow on our Instagram @tomahawksalon


Brighten up with balayage or hand painted highlights. Balayage has a more natural effect and can lift about 5 levels. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

blonde balayage

Balayage grows out beautifully with a softer line of demarcation or regrowth. Balayage is great for more warm blondes and creative colors, it can take multiple sessions to achieve pale white blonde or pastels. For super light or platinum blonde a double process, scalp to tip lightening may be a better option but does come with more maintenance. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson using Redken ShadesEq


Summer chop by Donna Rae


It’s in the details. Super textured pixie/pompadour by Donna Rae using Fatboy Perfect Putty.

platinum blonde

Platinum blonde achieved through a double process, hair is lightened from scalp to tip. Double processes require root touchup every 6-9 weeks to maintain an even color. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson using Redken Shadeseq

green bob

Double process creative color, also scalp to tip lightening. Creative color sometimes requires at home care using color depositing shampoos or upkeep with Manic Panic. These colors are made to fade and are not permanent. We like to go a little more vibrant for the color to last, super pale pastels may wash it in 1 to 2 shampoos. Topping the color of yourself isn’t too difficult and non damaging. The hard part is the lightening so always best to leave that to the professionals. Cut and color done by Donna Rae using Pravana Vivids.

Thinking about doing balayage hilights?! Here’s one of the best examples of slow and steady wins the race Ms. Khloe Kardashion’s hair progression from brunette to icy blonde. This took her stylist multiple sessions in a course of well over a year.

dark to blonde

Ready to make some summer changes give us a call or text at 646-399-6873. Thinking about lightening or changing up your color please book out a consult. Consults are free and help us determine the best service for you. Being transparent in our pricing and what we are able to achieve is vital to us. We want to make sure stylist and client are on the same page and in person consult, for us is the best way. We want to help you achieve your hair goals and come up with best option that suits you. XOXO

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Check out some of these sweet af short hairstyles and color by our fab stylists Donna Rae and Kristin Jackson. Chop, chop, chop…

pink/lavender hair

pink/lavender profile hair

Awesome color melt and fade by Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot colors. Get at Kristin Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. First time color clients must do an in person consult prior to booking.

platinum blonde

Buzz, buzz, buzz on this double process blonde.

platinum blonde

Loving the carved out angles and texture on this double process blonde by Donna Rae

platinum blonder

Donna used Redken Shades Eq to tone this icy blonde.

green, blue and pink hair

pink, green and blue hair

Digging these vibrant color of green, blue and pink. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson Special Effects Dye provided by client<3


All hail the Donna Rae mullet! Get at Donna Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondaze!

Check us out at our official Instagram page and give us a follow for more killer cuts and color TomahawkSalon

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When your hair becomes your bestie #hairbestie<3 Check out our latest…

Silver Hair
Silver hair

Silver hair

Sterling color and cut by the one and only Donna Rae! Color achieved through a double process toned with Redken Shades Eq

green hairgreen hair

green hair

Good times to be had with double process custom green hair by Kristin Jackson.

blue hair

blue balayage

Royal blue balayage by Donna Rae using Pulp Riot. Also digging this shag/mullet hybrid. Should we call it a shullet?!

Let’s make your hair dreams come true visit us for a color consult. They’re complimentary and generally take 15mins, they allow us to determine the best service, pricing and how long to book out for the color appointment. Consults are not required for cuts. Be our bestie call or text 646-399-6873;)

Follow our official page on Insta @tomahawksalon
Color melt by Kristin Jackson<3

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Spring Forward With A New Cut or Color

Wowza this winter felt like it was never ending! Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel. Check out some of the great cuts and color we whipped up this month…

bowl cut

Super precise angled cut and shave by Donna Rae. Giving me dark wave vibez!


Make it edgy with a bit of a shave!

When nature is your inspiration…

blue green hair

Bird of paradise Kristin Jackson slayed this amazing color of rich blues and greens. This color was achieved through a double process. Lightener was applied from roots to tips followed by creative color.

zero fade

#shorthairdontcare cut by Donna Rae. Loving this zero fade!

vivid pink

Vivid pink balayage by Kristin Jackson.

pink balayage

This color was achieved through a full head of balayage. Kristin hand painted the lightener leaving the root natural followed by creative color. Keep in mind balayage does not lift as strong as a full double process. We recommend this technique for clients who are unable to come in for regular touchups. Keep in mind all creative color fades and require at home upkeep;)

Beep beep give us a call or text to book an appointment or consult. For any lightening service we require an in person consultation. Consults are complimentary and take about 15mins. This allows us to determine the best color service, price and how long to book out for your hair dreams to come true. Check us out on instagram @tomahawksalon!

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We Love Our Clients<3

We are so grateful to have such amazing clients and community. This post is actually a repost of our clients selfies and how they rock their Tomahawk dos…


@dirtworship rocking haircolor by Kristin Jackson and the ultimate #mullethawk by Donna Rae. It’s all in the teamwork!

icy balayage

Baby it’s cold out @pangbang keeping it icy in this blue and gray balayage by Kristin Jackson

Bardot cut

Classic Bardot cut on @heyseantaylor by Donna Rae

pink bob

Visual artist @or_acle crushing her pink bob<3 Cut and color by Kristin Jackson

wavy bob

#curlsonfleek soft wavy bob by Donna Rae

pink lavender color

Candy perfection soft pink lavender by Kristin Jackson

Keep it tender Bushwick! Wanna chop or color that hair give us a call or text 646-399-6873. All lightening services require an in person consult to determine pricing and service. Color can be a process and a journey just remember Life’s a bleach and than you dye! Oh yeah and give us a follow #tomahawksalon or our official IG page @tomahawksalon


Cut and Color by Donna Rae

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