Wild Ride Is Here

Pulp Riot
Peek of Pulp Riot Wild Ride Collection
Pulp Riot
5 New Colors Just In Time For Spring
Pulp Riot
Introducing Ice Skater, Cosmic Daze, Clouded, First Base and Acid Spill

5 New colors from Pulp Riot giving us 80’s roller rink vibes with fun neons it’s going to be a wild ride! Head over to our insta as we swatch all 5 shades and wait till you see these colors in action! IG @tomahawksalon

Tomahawk is a BIPOC queer owned safe space. Located in a sunny private studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Appointment only so make sure to text a head 646-399-6873.

First time color clients with us send a current hair pic, color history and goal image via text or email. We’ll do our best to guide you to the ideal service. Consults are the best way to go over pricing, upkeep, goal etc.. Text 646-399-6873 or email tomahawksalon@gmail.com

XOXO Chantal, Kristin and Donna

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