Burn Baby Burn

It’s that time of the year where we send our clients off to Black Rock to set the desert on FIRE. We love helping our clients come up with amazing looks from holographic to this sunset inspired do. Check it peeps…

sunset placement

It’s all about the placement! Custom color by Kristin Jackson


Join the caravan color by Kristin Jackson

Color was achieved through a double process root retouch with custom mixed colors. This took about 4 hours with the colors being hand painted into that perfect melt. To maintain color we suggest washing with cool water and using cleansing conditioner (shampoo that doesn’t suds). Thinking about lightening hair going blonde or creative we require an in person consult. This allows us to best determine hair goals, service, price, maintaining color and how long to book out to make your hair dreams come true<3 To book a consult call or text 646-399-6873!

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