Check out some of these sweet af short hairstyles and color by our fab stylists Donna Rae and Kristin Jackson. Chop, chop, chop…

pink/lavender hair

pink/lavender profile hair

Awesome color melt and fade by Kristin Jackson using Pulp Riot colors. Get at Kristin Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. First time color clients must do an in person consult prior to booking.

platinum blonde

Buzz, buzz, buzz on this double process blonde.

platinum blonde

Loving the carved out angles and texture on this double process blonde by Donna Rae

platinum blonder

Donna used Redken Shades Eq to tone this icy blonde.

green, blue and pink hair

pink, green and blue hair

Digging these vibrant color of green, blue and pink. Cut and color by Kristin Jackson Special Effects Dye provided by client<3


All hail the Donna Rae mullet! Get at Donna Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondaze!

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