Head in the Clouds

Ode to that perfect pastel baby blue…

baby blue

Pastel blue hair and bob cut by Kristin Jackson.

This color was achieved through a full double process. Pastel color can be tricky to get and maintain especially pastel blue, the hair needs to be nearly white, any hint of yellow can turn the color green. We were super lucky that she lifted beautifully and decided to loose some length to really showcase the color. This client will have some at home upkeep like using Viral Baby Blue shampoo or LimeCrime Powder Blue to refresh at home since pastels do fade fast. Root retouch is recommended every 6-8 weeks. Cut and color was done by Kristin who is available Wednesday thru Saturdays. If your thinking of lightening your hair we require an in person consult this helps us get on the same page as our clients to determine the best service, price, upkeep and how long to book out to make your hair dreams come true. Consults are complimentary and generally take 15min. To book you can call or text 646-399-6873. As always thanks for peeping us and give us a follow on Insta @tomahawksalon

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