Color Me Rad!

Hand made color swatches

Hand made hair swatches by Kristin Jackson<3

Word up this post is all about that color. You know the kinda color that makes you do double take, be it a bit of a pop or a whole lotta BANG! Read on to see some of our tips and tricks to our favorite color of the month…

Custom pink

Donna Rae custom mixed pinks and violets to come up with this amazing tone!

Creative color is made to fade. We always like to go on the more vibrant side to allow for several shampoos. The best way to maintain color is to wash less, embrace dry shampoo and use color safe products or conditioning cleansers. The more you lather and suds the color disappears down the drain. Conditioning cleansers or No Poo can save your color but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes going brighter and allowing the color to fade to a more lived in look, is better for our clients. Remember color can be a journey:)

Electric green bob

An electrifying green on this precision bob both cut and color by Kristin Jackson.

One of our favorite ways of preserving color is by using Viral color depositing shampoo and conditioners by Celeb Luxury. One of my top tricks is washing hair in cool water not only does it give great shine to your hair but invigorates the skin.  Washing in hot water is a color killer, it opens the cuticle and causes the pigments to fall out and down the drain. Cool water seals the cuticle preserving color, keep in mind cool water rinse and repeat!

blonde melted into pale pink

Kristin melted the perfect icy platinum blonde into a soft and muted pink. To get color this white takes time.

All of these images are on double process hair. Hair is lightened to a yellow and then toned to customizable shades from butter blondes, rainbow colors or platinum. Vibrant creative colors are the most forgiving and can blend away even orange tones. To keep pastels and blondes you want to come in every 6-8 weeks for root touchups.

bleached panel

Fiona Beardman did a bleached butter blonde panel and demi permanent black to make this mullet really stand out.

black mullet

same guy different side. Fiona used demi permanent natural black.

Our Junior Stylist Fiona is now taking color appointments at a discounted rate of 30% off. Fiona is available for glazes, single process color (matching color, going darker or 2 shades lighter) and double process roots (1 inch of roots or less). You must first book a consult to determine service, price and how long it’ll take to make your hair dreams come true.

Text or call the salon at 646-399-6873 for consults and appointments. As always thanks for peeping. Like and follow our Facebook page for current posts and info<3

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