Endless Summer…

Pink lavender color

The sweetest pink lavender confection by Kristin Jackson<3

pink lavender

Multiple colors were used to achieve the soft and muted creative color by Kristin.

strawberry blonde

Lighten up with a soft balayage cut and color by Donna Rae

strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hi lights compliment this summer shag. Cut and color by Donna<3

platinum blonde

Double process platinum blonde and killer mullet by Fiona Beardman

icy blonde

Our Junior stylist Fiona is now taking color appointments! Cut and color by Fiona<3

Purple balayage

Swingin’ purple balayage by Kristin Jackson

purple balayage

Balayage is a form of hand painted/swept hi lights that processes in the open air. Balayage allows for a natural root. Kristin used Pulp Riot Velvet and Jam. Yum to this color combo!

shredded cut

Super fun and shredded cut by Fiona Beardman!

As always thanks for giving our blog a looksy. To book an appointment or color consult you can give us a call or text at 646-388-6873. Thinking about lightening your hair or doing some fun colors?! We require an in person consult, they’re free and allow us to get on the same page as our clients. Many of our color appointments take over 3 hours and we wanna make sure we’ve booked out the appropriate time bebe;) So remember life’s a BLEACH and than you DYE!


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