All in a days work…

Here is a snippet of the gals of Tomahawk in action! Miss Fleury gives Birdy some badass birthday nails and also named by Top 10 nail artist from Singapore to NYC

Birthday Nails

Miss Kristin was a ┬ábusy beaver that day doing Birdy’s victory rolls and taking Gala Darling to great lengths. Check out what Miss darling had to say:

Gala Darling Mega Blogger

Here is another extension makeover. Let Kristin take you from this…

Before extensions

To this…

After Using Single Strand Micro Extension by Kristin jackson

Thanks for your continuing support. We love you Bushwick stay tuned we have so much more up our sleeves including June 3rd El Camino Artrv at Tomahawk from 7-10!

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