80’s Time Warp With Mullets and Shags Oh My!

We’ve definitely been seeing some 80’s and 90’s nostalgia and we are living for it. I grew up crushing on Keifer Sutherland and all the yumminess of The Lost Boys. I tore up my living room dancing to Pat Benatar and Joan Jett. My life was all about Teen Beat, John Hughes movies, spandex and spraying down my mall bangs with aquanet. Gimme the music of goth rock and hair bands, I’ll take the 80’s any day. So yeah I love me a good mullet or shag. Keep’em coming and the dream alive!

Swoon my beating teen heart nothing like a man rocking business in the front, party in the back. BRB just getting in my DeLorean to transport me back to ’89…

mens cut shag mullet barber

Snip, snip, buzz, buzz by the one and only Donna Rae!

mens cut mullet barber

**Feathered ends create volume**

Near perfection with Betty Bangs, shaved sides and long textured mullet. This is up my alley a bit 80’s punk and no wave.

haircut mullet with shaved side and betty bang

Donna Rae was inspired by Yolandi Visser with this rad cut<3

Texture was added by Donna for lots of lift and curl definition.

Shags are one of my all time favorite. Loads of texture by layering hair to various lengthsĀ  this androgynous cut was made famous by rockers Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Joan Jett and the iconic Jane Fonda.

textured shag haircut

Shag cut by Donna Rae. Get at Donna every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for all you 80’s rockin’ needs;)

What is awesome about shags is that you can always take a cut like a bob and shag it up by adding more texture to give it a bit of oomph and edge…

asymmetrical hair cut bob

This bob was taken to the next level shagging it up with our stylist Kristin Jackson!

Our Holy Grail of products Fatboy Perfect Putty. Matte finish for that second day definition can be used for messy or polished looks;)

fatboy hair product

**Get in the storefront $20**

Come party with us like it’s the 80’s. Open daily except Tuesdays. To book an appointment you can give us a call or text at 646-399-6873!

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