Total Hair Transformation from Orange to Long and Blonde!

One of our good clients, Pam came in the door about a month ago asking Kristin to turn her perfectly platinum hair neon orange.

Before: NEON orange!!

After: Perfect Long Blonde hair!

That wasn’t the challenge though.  Last week she came in only a month after Kristin had given her her the orange hair of her dreams, she decided that since she was going back to law school she wanted her blonde locks back.  Only this time on top of it she wanted extensions and lowlights to look like Blake Lively of Gossip Girl.  Totally not an easy task but we were ready to take on the challenge.

Below this cut is a photo log of all the steps that it took to Bring Pam from a short orange a-lined bob to a long layered multi-tonal blonde.  11 Hours later her hair was perfect and just in time to enjoy the party that had already started at The Loom!

Before we began the process Kristin instructed Pam to start washing her hair with a clarifying shampoo to try to start to fade the color as much as possible, being that it had only been in the hair a month, this was a faded as it got.


First step was to get that orange out!  This was perhaps the hardest part of the day.

bye bye orange!

After toning the first process

Next we threw in a couple of very subtle lowlights to add some dimension to to color and to match the extensions that were going to go in.

foil head!

FINALLY we can start Pam’s extensions!

First row!

getting there!

curling while everyone else is partying


The extension method that Kristin used on Pam is a newer technique called Shrinkies.  This method uses small plastic tubes that when heated shrink around the hair and the extension strand, making a tight sturdy bond that can last for around 4 to 5 months!

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Kristin about color corrections or about what extension method is best for you feel free to call the salon and we can book a consultation appointment to get you started!

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