A Pop Of Pink and Some 80’s Mullets

Check out some of our work this month…

Julia pink bob

Our beautiful client Julia rocking her vibrant pink bob by Kristin Jackson. This was a big change for our Julia who usually wears her hair long and blonde or blue and purple, like the mermaid she is. This time she told Kristin to chop it and color it pink. This gives me Natalie Portman vibes from the movie Closer. This epic photo was shot by Chris Luttrell

Neon pink balayage

Cherry Pop neon pink balayage by Kristin Jackson. The root was not lightened for a more natural grow out just tinted by the neon creative color.

Our beautiful client matching her surroundings. Color and cut by Kristin. This color was achieved through a double process. To keep this light and consistent of blonde our client comes in every 8 weeks for a double root retouch. The bottom color is tweeked depending on her feelz.


Rockin’ 80’s inspired mullet cut by Donna Rae. Check out that zero fade <3

hybrid mullet shag

mullet Shag hybrid

A very mod style mullet/shag by our Junior Stylist Fiona.

We here every day except for Tuesdays. To book an appointment or consult give us a call or text 646-399-6873. Bring us your hair inspo, here’s one of our mullet icons KEIFER!


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