The Undercut A Hairstyle Any Man Can Rock

There is nothing like a dapper Dan, a man of yesteryear with clean cuts and clean lines. Be it dustbowl era or 50’s greaser the undercut is one style any man or women can rock!



It’s a simple cut usually achieved with clipper work ask for the sides and back to be shaved leaving some length on the top to rock a pompadour or neatly combed to the side or greased straight back. The undercut is super versatile you can go extreme with a high and deep shave or classic and gradual with a blend.



undercut done by Donna Rae Williams at Tomahawk

undercut done by Donna Rae Williams at Tomahawk

And hell even girls can rock it think Tilda Swinton or Michelle Williams or dare I say my inspiration for cutting my locks Leonardo Dicaprio circa the 90’s! I had Donna Rae Williams do a high shave using a 2 guard all around then kept my top long hitting to my ears. I wear my do slicked back using Redken Polish Up Pomade or floppy and to the side using Fatboy texturizing putty. Cut and products found at Tomahawk.

Chantal's undercut

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