Rose Gold Hair, Blonde Pixie and New Viral Color Depositing Shampoo…

Full head rose gold balayage highlights

Kristin Jackson did a full head balayage with a soft rose gold toner.

blorange balayge highlights

Bright rose gold balayage with Natalia Michele

Multidimensional rose gold or blorange by Natalia Michele

double process blonde pixie

Donna Rae did this striking pixie cut and all over double process.

Finally an answer to the dilemma what to do when your color fades. Viral Bold Tones one step at home color depositing shampoo! No mess, no fuss, no gloves, no waiting just hop in your shower and wash your hair for instant bold power tones. Keeps extreme, pastels and platinums popping by adding, correcting and maintaining color brilliance. Check out our testing on Natalia who has been lightened to a golden blonde.

Viral Pastel Pink squeezed onto Kristin’s hand

Apply to wet hair saturate from root to end you can apply as many times as needed for bold results.

This color was achieved on golden hair using Viral pastel pink. This would be great to maintain a true pastel pink or rose gold hair.

celeb luxury color depositing shampoo

Heck yes are you excited 10 bold colors including extreme silver, pastel lavender and more. We  also have Gem Lites Flawless Diamond Anti-Yellow Whitener Shampoo.

Viral and Gem Lites are an effective treatment at home to maintain color from fading. We highly recommend saturating from root and diluting color at tips. On porous hair you don’t want the ends to grab so use the Blonditioner or conditioner towards the ends for more even results. If the color grabs too dark just wash with your shampoo, we recommend once to twice a week use alternating with your regular shampoo. Check out their site Celeb Luxury for more info and care.

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