Cosmic Haircolor and Rad Short Haircuts

BRB bebe I’m just going to slip away into this prismatic cosmos, color and cut by Kristin Jackson.¬† Kristin achieved this look with a double process using 3 custom mixed color by Pravana and LimeCrime Unicorn Hair. Check out the process and results…

Cosmic hair in process<3

Prismatic Haircolor

Prismatic haircolor

Stellar Cut and Color By Kristin Jackson!

Next up a versatile short cut by our Junior Stylist Fiona. Perfectly capturing the 80’s goth and dark wave icon Siouxsie Sioux…

Worn forward with long shaggy bangs. Dark and mysterious just the way we like it<3

Short Haircut

Or pushed back and your rocking David Bowie

Last but not least another rad androgynous barber cut by Donna Rae. Her clipper cut is on point with this, check out that faaaaaaaadde…

Rad pompadour

Rad pompadour By Donna Rae.

Barber cut

Perfectly tight and blended.

Be it a drastic cut or color we got your backs. To book and appointment or consult with Fiona, Donna and Kristin give us a call or text  646-399-6873.

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